domenica 11 marzo 2012

let's go with the marathons! livorno walking promenade 1st part


Well, with the "springtime at sea" early rays, Livorno sea promenade becomes a gym track full of cyclists, athlets and marathon runners that want to fell freash air, sun and sea on their faces.

The walk is very long and normally you do it only for a little bit. One Sunday ago, departing from "La Rotonda", one of the children's most loved monuments in Livorno and passing ner by the Tre Ponti beach (a very good spot for surf and windsurf) and the "thinking tamerice", a good place where you can sit down, look at the sea and thinking about your own decisions.
You finish reaching "lo scoglio della ballerina" (that in reality are two so I call them "the two brothers).

Well, let's put our sneakers on and let's prepare for the NY city marathon).

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