venerdì 20 aprile 2012

101 things to do in Tuscany (2nd chapter!)

And now let's go on with the encyclopedia about the things you must absolutely do in Tuscany! As a famous film, which I don't remember the name or even the actors, says..follow the advice! And seeing that we reach number 21, let's begin from there!
22) Seeing once again the Vasarian Corridor
23)Living the Palio of  Siena in the "contrada", (the quater of Siena) with all the meals and the horse blessing
24) Learning how to throw the flag
25) Exploring the islands of the Tuscan archipelago
26) Eating the Colonnata lardo in Colonnata
27) Going at "Ultima Spiaggia"(the last beach) in  Capalbio (yje beach between Tuscany and Lazio)
28) Eating a plan of bruschette!
29) Taking part to a grape harvest
30) Visiting the WWF oasis in Orbetello
31) Visiting the " salone dei Mille" in  Palazzo Vecchio
33) Watching in a religious silence the Michelangelo's "David"
34) Just eating and eating ton of "focaccia alla fiorentina" (the typical Easter Florentine cake)

We are waiting for some more suggestions!

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