mercoledì 25 gennaio 2012

pinocchio and the talking cricket travelling all around the world?;-)

A nice walk in Bologna downtown, a sunny Piazza Maggiore and guess who I met there?
Pinocchio and the talking Cricket on a boat, dancing at the rhythm of an accordion!
Children and adults all around to listen and dance, because at the end we are all like Pinocchio and we have our personal talking cricket.

And the two are really good friends!

Valentina, the musician and puppeteer.

A right and proper tribute to Carlo Collodi, "Pinocchio"'s author.

And so you discover that in Bologna there a little puppet theathe called "Teatrino a due pollici"
where you can see shows, learn how to make your own puppet
and where you can turn back in your childhood.
Listen, do we help it to travel around the world

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