domenica 8 gennaio 2012

Giulia and her dream!

Thanks to this blogadventure I have known many interesting and energetic people. Between them Giulia Scarpaleggia has a special place: she is a young woman from Colle Val d'Elsa (Siena) and she is one of the most known foodbloggers in Italy.

In this period of a great economical crisis, her history can be a concrete example about reacting to overcome a real problem, in this case inventing your own job without expecting it "to fall down from the sky". Her interest about food and cooking began since her childhood but only in 2009 Giulia transformed this passion into something more serious, creating her own blog. And becoming unemployed, Giulia is going to make her blog as a shopwindow for her cooking courses and recipes. Her bfoodblog is one of the most known in Italy with about 1500 daily contacts.

And being this 2011 last post, I wish a great "in bocca al lupo" to Giulia and other people, full of energies, that want to create something concrete in her life!(It is a self wish!

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