domenica 1 gennaio 2012

bibbona state of mind! new year's eve!

Just Happy New Year! A serene 2012...
As my readers know a really special place for me is Marina di Bibbona, a little sea town on the Tuscan coast, 60 kms from Livorno.
It ia a small village, quite familiar but every time I go I find a great sense of serenity and a great contact with the nature, expecially in winter.
I spent my new year'eve with some good friends and today
I have taken the occasion to make a long walk on the beach:
 sun and wind on the face...a great moment!

A smiling sun to welcome the new year!

Fresh waves arriving nearly to the feet!

Tuscan Islands on the horizon!!

Back in the evening! Sunset!

We found three hearts on the beach: destiny wants to tell us something???

And being a bike town you can choose where you can go or not!

Happy 2012 followers!

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