sabato 5 novembre 2011

florence state of mind! walking with the girls ;-)

Today I have spent a great day with some friends from quite all over Italy and the meeting point has been Florence. Showing them around has been good to discover, as always new particular things that change from time to time!

The merry go round in Piazza della Repubblica!

Wall decoration, all along Via Por Santa Maria (going to Ponte Vecchio)

Street art!

A decorated column in Palazzo Vecchio!

Still inside Palazzo Vecchio: The little angel and still wall decorations!

Just the David!

Benvenuto Cellini's Perseus with Medusa's head

                                                              Rowing in the Arno River!

Anglo-Florentine! (but I can assure you that in this wine bar, the crostini are excellent!)

An old style bycicle!

Well walking in Florence is always a good excercise for the senses...enjoying also a good glass of Chianti and delicious Tuscan crostini as we have done!

2 commenti:

  1. :) quel Perseo mi era proprio piaciuto, quando sono stata a Firenze! :) ciao bella donna!

  2. :)))

    si, quella scritta anglo-italiana assomiglia un po' all'esperanto.

    come il vino, che parla una lingua universale!