venerdì 21 ottobre 2011

pisa state of mind: all along the Arno River

One of my best friends, Pierino, is a licensed tour guide for four Tuscan provinces: Florence, Livorno, Lucca and Pisa. And he is a very good one: every visit I do with him  is full of curiosities and many particular views on the spots we visit! For this reason we call him "the granduke of Tuscany".

This time it was Pisa time, seen from a particular point of view, not the Miracle Field with the Leaning Tower but from its river, the Arno. Last Sunday it was cold but also sunny so we had the chance to see many particular things we don't observe when you walk on the ground!

Are you ready for this "river guided tour"? Let's begin!

Well the river visit begins with a train ride through Pisa!

You can'miss the Leaning Tower!

And this is our boat!

Its majesty, the Arno River !

Il "Ponte di Mezzo" (literally "the middle bridge"), the heart of the city!
(il gioco del ponte is played here)

The little and precious gothic church on the river, Santa Maria della Spina.

Going to the sea! Look ahead to the Tirreanean sea!
All along the national park of San Rossore!

Well it was a very nice visit! Pierino was excellent as always so don't esitate to contact him to organize your visit here in Tuscany!

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