domenica 22 maggio 2011

Happy b'day Pisa! Let's celebrate it! Giugno Pisano!

giugno pisano

As every year Pisa celebrates with four special events its history and tradition:

16th June the Luminara of San Ranieri.
The saint patron day of Pisa is on the 17th June but the city celebrates the night before. All along the Arno River about  seventy-thousand candles in glasses will be placed on  buildings, bridges, churches and towers and The Leaning Tower  area will be illuminated with oil lamps.
All around the city center there will be events and concerts and the night will be lighted by fabolous midnight fireworks.

17th June Palio of San Ranieri in Pisa-the historical regatta
the four older districts of the city (Santa Maria, San Francesco, San Martino and Sant'Antonio) will compete between them in a historical regatta along the Arno river, celebrating the times of Pisa as maritime republic.

26th June 2011 the Battle of the Bridge (Gioco del Ponte) 
The central bridge of the city, the "Ponte di Mezzo" will be the heart of an historical military parade and then of a medioeval game where two teams have to push a track machinery in two opposite directions. The winning team is the one that remains on the bridge

There is also a fourth event, the Historical Regatta of the Maritime Republics that this year it will take place in Venice

Here are some pics of Luminara of San Ranieri (some years ago but the suggestion is equal all over the years!)

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  1. bella! sono serendipity si style! come stai??? ovviamente a san ranieri io c'ero! sto ricominciando ad ingranare con blog e cose varie..piano piano mi rimetto in carreggiata! baci

  2. come già ti ho detto sul blog di style c'ero anch'io con la processione di Sun Run Ieri del mitico cantiere San Bernardo e poi mi son goduta i fochi, da piazza San Paolo in ripa d'arno..adoro l'incendio della cittadella!! eheh