domenica 17 aprile 2011

let's "mettere le mani in pasta"! "Juls Kitchen" cooking lesson!

When I began this blog adventure I could not believe that it would give me the chance to do interesting things, to meet creative and passionate people and to practice myself in things I can only do for "surviving" like cooking!Anyway yesterday, in a sunny Viareggio, I took part or better I watched my blog friend Giulia cooking lessons about the typical Viareggio cakes for Easter, the sweet "dolce al semolino" (the semolina cake) and the salad "torta pasqualina" (pasqualina from "pasqua"=easter).

Giulia is a young foodwriter, a very creative and passione one. I knew her site through Twitter (she received the pledge by Regione Toscana as official food blog) and when I read the twit I discovered a colorful blog and as I love photography, I looked at the wonderful food pics. I really like the care Giulia puts in detail, the lights and the coulours and I really enjoy reading her posts. They give the idea of how much efforts and passion Giulia puts in this world. And this impression "on the web" was only confirmed yestarday, live! (This is her blog "Juls kitchen"  read and try her recipes: a relief for the senses!)

The lessons were held at Lombardi store in Viareggio, one of the most furnished kitchen accesories store I have ever seen in my life. A dream for every foodie! (Lombardi store-Viareggio) We sat in kitchen "hall" and we began waching the "lesson". Giulia with her Moleskine (nicknamed "the bible") full of recipes and us waching her sometime with a "religious" silence.
Learnig how simple ingredients become tasty recipes, smelling the perfumes, watching the colours....I know it was a Saturday morning so I could find the poetic in it but is in these moments you can appreciate what you can't during the week days, beacuse you are in a hurry. And I really like the fact to have "le mani in pasta", an Italian expression litteraly means "make dough".

I promise I will ask Giulia the recipes! I can assure you they are really tasty! But let's begin with our "pics history" of the day!

Arriving at Lombardi store some "biscuits machine". This was a good start ;-)

The Lombardi store....

Let's beging! Cutting the butter!

"Mettere le mani in pasta"!


Keep attention to lumps!

The base is ready! Let's fill it!

And if some base remains, biscuits!

automatic cleanig!

Dadadada...Spinaches,are you ready for "torta pasqualina"???

Melting with ricotta!

Filling the base!

 The final touch! Covering the "torta pasqualina"!

The first masterpieces: the two "torta al semolino"!

Of course we eat them! In a simmetric way!

It was good for my mood and my senses to take part to Giulia's lesson,meeting people that you share some interests with! It is good to exchange ideas and experiences and in some way encouranging in following this blog adventure!

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