mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

slow art day 2011 in florence!

slow art day 16th april 2011

Enjoy art with peacefulness! This is the meaning of the "Slow art day": this year it will be held at Palazzo Strozzi, with a visit to the “Angry Young Men: Picasso, Mirò, Dalì“ exhibition , where you will watch and comment on six works that have been choosen for you. and after you will attend a 5 o'clock  English High Tea on the Loggiata where you will talk about the experience in English, Italian, or Spanish.

Ver el arte con tranquilidad! Este es el significado del "Dia lento del arte": en Florencia en 2011 va a ser organizado en Palazzo Strozzi, con una visita a la exibition "Picasso, Mirò, Dali giovani e arrabbiati" donde vas a ver y comentar seis trabajos que han sido elegidos para la discussiòn. Y despues, tomando un tè "English High Tea" a la Loggiata se hablarà de la experiencia en Ingles, Italiano o Español.

Voir l'art avec tranquilitè!ça signifie "Le jour lente de l'art": en Florence en 2011 serà organisè au Palazzo Strozzi avec une visitè à l'exbition" "Picasso, Mirò, Dali giovani e arrabbiati", ou on vais voir six peintures qu'ont etes choisis pour la discussion. Et apres on va prendre un tè "English High Tea" à la Loggiata, en parlant de l'experience en Ingles, Italien et Français

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  1. Thanks for posting about the event! We're sharing it on the event page on facebook so others can check out your blog ;-)
    Alexandra for The Florentine

  2. You are welcome Alexandra ;-)